Greetings, Visitor!

My name is Ramla. I create.

I have written poetry. I have written to raise the society’s consciousness about important matters, such as social enterprise and using social media for a better human society. I’ve initiated a Kitchen Gardening network in Pakistan, and ran a year-long circle, The Oneness Breakfast, on realizing Oneness in everyday life.

For several years, I wrote about ecology and sustainability. My vision was about an interconnected world where realities will begin to merge, and notions will flip. I believe, as the end of year 2012 nears, we are officially in that time.

For some years now, I have been… in hiding. Today, I am daring to step out. Somehow, some way, somewhere. I hope this initiation will bring me a new beginning. Aamen.


(This update: 05 Oct 2012)